Who I Am


Randall Dana Ulveland

Hi, my name is Randall Dana Ulveland. I have been a teacher and university professor for 25 years. I currently work in the College of Education at Western Oregon University.

There are two things regarding language learning that I have come to realize over the years. The first is that learning is natural and effortless. We are always learning whether we like it or not. Of course, we are sometimes learning what we don’t want to be learning–such as the idea that learning is difficult.

The second is that the body and the brain are part of the same learning system. Typically we approach learning as if it were a cognitive activity. When we neglect the body, we don’t achieve good understanding. Therefore we move our bodies. We dance. I know some people seemed to learn a second language in school But if you are like me, someone who continually struggled to learn a second language in school, I think you will be pleasantly surprised to find that you can learn a second language, and it can be fun. I guess you could say that this is language learning for the rest of us. I hope you join me. Just click here to give it try. Enjoy!


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