Here is a list of the classes. Please start by clicking on Day 1 in Week One to start your program.

 Week One

Lesson 1: Song: [Quiero Comer] |Song: [Mariachi] |  Twenty Cognates (1)

Lesson 2: Song: [Quiero Comprar] | Bromas: leche | Poem of the Week: Stand Up | Song: [¿Como Se Llama?]

Day 3: Song: [Quiero Trabajar] | Los Hernadez [Juan showers, Alicia makes coffee]  

Day 4: Song: [Quiero Country] | Poem: One Little, Two Little | Little Story: Baby Ray and His Pets

Day 5: Elena (wakes up, makes coffee) | Song: [Making Coffee Song]


Week Two

Day 1: Tres Osos; Song: [Como Se Llama] | Weekly Twenty Cognates

Day 2: Song: [Alfabeto] | Broma Gooney | Poem Of The Week: I Eat | Poem: To Market

Day 3: Los Hernandez [Juan packs] | Song: [Por La Mañana]

Day 4: Song: [Tengo]; Broma: Rana Hotline, Library, chess, mad cow | Little Story:Going To Market

Day 5: Elena (gets dressed); Song: [Me Levanto A Las Seis]


Week Three

Day 1: Song: [Me Gusta Mi Ropa] | Broma–new paragua, race horses | Weekly Twenty Cognates

Day 2: Song: [Verb Dance–creo, debo, hablo, compro, abro, cierro, bailo, aplaudo] | Poem Of The Week: All Of Me

Day 3: Los Hernandez [Alicia packs];

Day 4: Ant and Grasshopper | Little Story: Seeing Animals

Day 5: Elena [drives to school];


Week Four

Day 1: Song: [Me Parece]; Sky is Falling; Weekly Twenty Cognates

Day 2: Song: [Que Dia Es Hoy] |The Princess and the Pea | Poem Of The Week: Me;

Day 3: Los Hernandez;

Day 4: Song:[Juego Baseball] | Little Story: Buying Food

Day 5: Elena’s First day of class;


Week Five

Day 1: Song: [Juego Béisbol El Lunes] | The Three Little Pigs | Weekly Twenty Cognates

Day 2: Song: [Puedo] | Poem Of The Week:  | Little Story: Baby Ray Has A Little Dog

Day 3: Los Hernandez;

Day 4: Bromas: vampire bats, peanuts, Tom and Bill, Tomatoes | Song: [Counting Song 1 – 10] | Little Story: Baby Ray Feeds The Dog

Day 5: Elena;


Week Six

Day 1: Song: [Quiero Comprar Un Par de Zapatos]: Bromas Soup, caterpillar, sucked off; Weekly Twenty Cognates

Day 2: El Camello y el Cerdo; Poem Of The Week:  | Little Story: The Bedtime Story

Day 3: Los Hernandez;

Day 4: Fisherman and his Wife;

Day 5: Elena;


Week Seven

Day 1

Day 2 Little Story: Anther Go To Sleep Story

Day 3

Day 4 Little Story: The WakeUp Story

Day 5


Week Eight

Day 1 Poem: A Wish

Day 2 Little Story: Where Are The Animals?

Day 3 Poems: Little Bright Star

Day 4 Little Story:  Breakfast in the Barnyard

Day 5


Week Nine

Day 1

Day 2 Little Story: Anther Go To Sleep Story 2

Day 3

Day 4 Little Story: The Rain

Day 5


Week Ten

Day 1

Day 2 Little Story: The Ant and the Dove

Day 3

Day 4 Little Story: The Little Tree

Day 5

Week Eleven

Day 1 Little Story:  The Proud Leaves

Day 2 Little Story: The Dog And His Shadow

Day 3 Little Story: The Kite and the Butterfly

Day 4 Little Story: The Cat and the Fox

Day 5 Little Story: A Wish To Be Something Else

Week Twelve

Day 1 Little Story: Molly And The Pail Of Milk

Day 2 Little Story: The Fine Plan

Day 3 Little Story: The Race

Day 4 Little Story: The Rooster And The Fox

Day 5 Little Story: The Little Red Hen

Week Thirteen

Day 1 Little Story: The Lost Egg

Day 2 Little Story: Goats In The Turnip Field

Day 3 Little Story: The Crane Express

Day 4 Little Story: The North Wind

Day 5 Little Story: What Does Little Birdie Say?

Week Fourteen

Day 1 Little Story: The Hen And The Squirel

Day 2 Little Story: The Pine Trees And Its Needles

Day 3 Little Story: The Goslings Swimming Lessons

Day 4 Little Story: I Don’t Care

Day 5 Little Story: Camel And The Pig

Week Fifteen

Day 1 Little Story: The Little Rooster

Day 2 Little Story: North Wind At Play

Day 3 Little Story: The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Day 4 Little Story: The Little Plant

Day 5 Little Story: The Sleeping Apple

Week Sixteen

Day 1 Little Story: Sweet Porridge

Day 2 Little Story: Johnny Cake

Day 3 Little Story: Pleasing Everybody | Little Story: The Ant And The Dove

Day 4 Little Story: The Dog In The Manger | Little Story: The Tortise And The Hare

Day 5 Little Story: The Magpie’s Lesson