Based on the same research-tested language-learning program, Spanish for Teachers not only provides teachers with powerful learning opportunities, but also shows you how you can incorporate these ideas into your own classroom. Even if you don’t speak Spanish, you can use this course to learn along with your students.



Week One

Lesson 1: Song: [Mariachi] | Song: [¿Como Se Llama?] | Song: [Quiero Comer] | Weekly Twenty Cognates

In this lesson we learn two songs: Quiero Comer and the song Hola Mis Amigos. We also learn 20 cognates (words that are similar in Spanish and English).

In this lesson we cover the verbs quiero, comprar, beber, leer, cantar, trabajar, soñar, escribir, vender, dormir, bailar; and, we learn the phrase me parecer using a number of adjectives. This is all accomplished with song and movement.

Lesson 2: Bromas: leche | Song: [Quiero Comprar] | Poem of the Week: Stand Up

Today we will learn two songs: Quiero Comprar and ¿Como Se Llama? We will review the cognates we learned in our last lesson. We will learn a couple of jokes. And finally, we will listen to a popular children’s poem.

Lesson 3: Los Hernadez [Juan showers, Alicia makes coffee] | Song: [Quiero Trabajar]

In lesson three we will be focusing on the verbs juego (I play): béisbol (baseball), futbol (soccer), voleibol (volley ball), and tenis (tenis). We will also work on puedo (I can): descansar (rest) demostrar (demonstrate) contestar (answer) andar (walk) hablar (talk) escuchar (listen) salir (leave) gritar (shout) explicar (explain) cantar (sing) describir (describe) enseñar (dream) empezar (begin) desear (desire) estudiar (study) escribir (write). We will also have a listen to the days of the week as well as the numbers from 1 through 10.

Lesson 4: Song: [Quiero Country] | Poem: One Little, Two Little | Little Story: Baby Ray and His Pets

Finally we will listen to a vocabulary song that will help you learn some of the most common verbs in the first person. These are what we might call “O” Verbs. They are words that describe what we do, but they are presented in such a way that you can focus on focusing on just the action itself: juego (I play), bailo (I dance), duermo (I sleep),
como (I eat), compro (I buy), bebo (I drink), leo (I read), canto (I sing), escribo (I write), sueño (I dream), trabajo (I work), quiero (I want), hablo (I talk), llamo (I call), buso (I look for), and puedo (I can).

Lesson 5: Song: [Making Coffee Song] | Elena (wakes up, makes coffee)



Week Two

Lesson 6: Song: [Como Se Llama] | Tres Osos |  Weekly Twenty Cognates

In this lesson we have three activities: we learn the song Como Se Llama (What Is Your Name); we listen to a very popular children’s story, Los Tres Osos (The Three Bears); and, we learn twenty new cognates.

Lesson 7: Song: [Alfabeto] | Broma Gooney | Poem Of The Week: I Eat | Poem: To Market

Today we learn the Spanish alphabet with the song Alfabeto. We also hear some funny jokes, and learn a couple of children’s poems.

Lesson 8: Los Hernandez [Juan packs] | Song: [Por La Mañana]

In this lesson we continue the story of Los Hernadez Go To México. To accompany the story, we learn the song Por La Mañana.

Lesson 9: Song: [Tengo]; Broma: Rana Hotline, Library, chess, mad cow | Little Story:Going To Market

We lean another important verb sequence with the song Tengo (I have). We also hear some great jokes and another simple children’s story.

Lesson 10: Elena (gets dressed); Song: [Me Levanto A Las Seis]

In this lesson we develop our clothes vocabulary. We also learn a fun song that talks about some of the activities we might do during the day.


Week Three

Lesson 11: Song: [Me Gusta Mi Ropa] | Broma–new paragua, race horses | Weekly Twenty Cognates

Lesson 12: Song: [Verb Dance–creo, debo, hablo, compro, abro, cierro, bailo, aplaudo] | Poem Of The Week: All Of Me

Lesson 13: Los Hernandez [Alicia packs];

Lesson 14: Ant and Grasshopper | Little Story: Seeing Animals

Lesson  15: Elena [drives to school];


Week Four

Lesson 16: Song: [Me Parece]; Sky is Falling; Weekly Twenty Cognates

Lesson 17: Song: [Que Dia Es Hoy] |The Princess and the Pea | Poem Of The Week: Me;

Lesson 18: Los Hernandez;

Lesson 19: Song:[Juego Baseball] | Little Story: Buying Food

Lesson 20: Elena’s First day of class;


Week Five

Lesson 21: Song: [Juego Béisbol El Lunes] | The Three Little Pigs | Weekly Twenty Cognates

Lesson 22: Song: [Puedo] | Poem Of The Week:  | Little Story: Baby Ray Has A Little Dog

Lesson 23: Los Hernandez;

Lesson 24: Bromas: vampire bats, peanuts, Tom and Bill, Tomatoes | Song: [Counting Song 1 – 10] | Little Story: Baby Ray Feeds The Dog

Lesson 25: Elena;


Week Six

Lesson 26: Song: [Quiero Comprar Un Par de Zapatos]: Bromas Soup, caterpillar, sucked off; Weekly Twenty Cognates

Lesson 27: El Camello y el Cerdo; Poem Of The Week:  | Little Story: The Bedtime Story

Lesson 28: Los Hernandez;

Lesson 29: Fisherman and his Wife;

Lesson 30: Elena;


Week Seven

Lesson 31

Lesson 32 Little Story: Anther Go To Sleep Story

Lesson 33

Lesson 34 Little Story: The WakeUp Story

Lesson 35


Week Eight

Lesson 36 Poem: A Wish

Lesson 37 Little Story: Where Are The Animals?

Lesson 38 Poems: Little Bright Star

Lesson 39 Little Story:  Breakfast in the Barnyard

Lesson 40


Week Nine

Lesson 41

Lesson 42 Little Story: Anther Go To Sleep Story 2

Lesson 43

Lesson 44 Little Story: The Rain

Lesson 45


Week Ten

Lesson 46

Lesson 47 Little Story: The Ant and the Dove

Lesson 48

Lesson 49 Little Story: The Little Tree

Lesson 50

Week Eleven

Lesson 51 Little Story:  The Proud Leaves

Lesson 52 Little Story: The Dog And His Shadow

Lesson 53 Little Story: The Kite and the Butterfly

Lesson 54 Little Story: The Cat and the Fox

Lesson 55 Little Story: A Wish To Be Something Else

Week Twelve

Lesson 56 Little Story: Molly And The Pail Of Milk

Lesson 57 Little Story: The Fine Plan

Lesson 58 Little Story: The Race

Lesson 59 Little Story: The Rooster And The Fox

Lesson 60 Little Story: The Little Red Hen

Week Thirteen

Lesson 61 Little Story: The Lost Egg

Lesson 62 Little Story: Goats In The Turnip Field

Lesson 63 Little Story: The Crane Express

Lesson 64 Little Story: The North Wind

Lesson 65 Little Story: What Does Little Birdie Say?

Week Fourteen

Lesson 66 Little Story: The Hen And The Squirel

Lesson 67 Little Story: The Pine Trees And Its Needles

Lesson 68 Little Story: The Goslings Swimming Lessons

Lesson 69 Little Story: I Don’t Care

Lesson 70 Little Story: Camel And The Pig

Week Fifteen

Lesson 71 Little Story: The Little Rooster

Lesson 72 Little Story: North Wind At Play

Lesson 73 Little Story: The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Lesson 74 Little Story: The Little Plant

Lesson 75 Little Story: The Sleeping Apple

Week Sixteen

Lesson 76 Little Story: Sweet Porridge

Lesson 77 Little Story: Johnny Cake

Lesson 78 Little Story: Pleasing Everybody | Little Story: The Ant And The Dove

Lesson 79 Little Story: The Dog In The Manger | Little Story: The Tortise And The Hare

Lesson 80 Little Story: The Magpie’s Lesson