Welcome to Spanish for Beginners: Lesson Twelve! Bienvenido a la lección doce!

In this lesson we will have our second Verb Dance. As you recall, verb dances help us learn a large number of verbs quickly. This verb dance will concentrate on eight different verbs in one particular tense. For example the verbs in this week’s verb dance will be verbs in the present indicative tense. The verbs are deseo (I desire), corto (I cut), contesto (I answer), camino (I walk), hago (I do), practico (I practice), entiendo (I understand), insisto (I insist).

We will also listen to a children’s poem called Todo de Mi which means All of Me.

Finally we will have a cognate review using the words from our last lesson.



 Activity 1: Song Verb Dance 2

Step 1: review the following gestures to the song.

Verb Dance 2  (Verb Dance)

Our next song uses eight new verbs.


The first is deseo. Deseo means I desire. We will use the gesture for quiero to begin the sign, but, we will cross the arms across our chest to finish the sign.
Deseo, deseo, deseo, deseo

Corto means I cut. Pretend your fingers are scissors.
Corto, corto, corto, corto

Contesto means I answer. Left index pointing up toward your lips. Right index finger pointing up and slightly forward. Move both fingers forward at the same time.
Contesto, contesto, contesto, contesto

Camino means I walk. Take those two dancing fingers but make them walk rather than dance.
Camino, camino, camino, camino.

Hago means I do. With tips of fingers down, as if playing a piano, move both hands back and forth.
Hago, hago, hago, hago.

Practico means I practice. Rub the index finger with the fingernails of the left hand.
Practico, practico, practico, practico

Entiendo means I understand. For entiendo, put your fist up to your forehead and flick up your index finger.
Entiendo, entiendo, entiendo, entiendo.

Finally, insisto. Insisto means I insist. Point to the palm of your hand and move the hand toward your body.
Insisto, insisto, insisto, insisto.

Now let’s try all of our actions together.

deseo, corto, contesto, camino, hago, practico, entiendo, insisto

Now, on with the song.

Step 2: Listen to the song and practice the gestures.


Verb Dance 2

[S3AUDIO file=’M132/VerbDance2.mp3′]

[S3FILE file=’M132/VerbDance2.mp3.zip’ anchor=’Download Verb Dance 2′]


Step 3: Download the song to your song library and listen to the song once a day, practicing the gestures, until you feel confident that you know the verbs.



Deseo / I desire

Corto / I cut

Contesto /  I answer

Camino / I walk

Hago / I do

Practico / I practice

Entiendo / I understand

Insisto / I insist

I dance bailo

I applaud aplaudo



Poem of the Day


Todo De Mi

Ves mis ojos.

Ves mis nariz.

Ves mis dedos de las manos.

Ves mis dedos de los pies.

Ves mis labios.

Ves mi rodilla.

¡Ahora haz visto todo de mi!


All Of Me

See my eyes.

See my nose.

See my fingers.

See my toes.

See my lips.

See my knee.

Now you have seen all of me!


Todo De Mi (Spanish)

[S3AUDIO file=’M132/AllOfMeRegular(S).mp3′]

[S3FILE file=’M132/AllOfMeRegular(S).mp3.zip’ anchor=’Todo De Mi in Spanish’]


Todo De Mi (English first with Spanish repeating each line four times)

[S3AUDIO file=’M132/AllOfMeRepeat4(ES).mp3′]

[S3FILE file=’M132/AllOfMeRepeat4(ES).mp3.zip’ anchor=’Todo De Mi Repeat 4′]


Todo De Mi (English first with Spanish repeating each line eight times)

[S3AUDIO file=’M132/AllOfMeRepeat8(ES).mp3′]

[S3FILE file=’M132/AllOfMeRepeat8(ES).mp3.zip’ anchor=’Todo De Mi Repeat 8′]







Activity 3: Cognate Review

In this activity we will review the cognates we practiced in our last lesson. Go ahead and listen to the audio and see if you can state the English translation for each cognate given. I have provided the list of words below for your review as well.


[S3AUDIO file=’M132/Cognates41-60Single(SE).mp3′]

[S3FILE file=’M132/Cognates41-60Single(SE).mp3.zip’ anchor=’Download Cognates 21-30′]


aritmético arithmetic
famoso famous
el presidente president
centro center
tomate tomato
televisión television
policía police
piano piano
papel paper
néctar nectar
nervioso nervous
océano ocean
pingüino penguin
radio radio
secreto secret
sorpresa surprise
vegetales vegetables
itinerario itinerary
monumento monument
acción action