1. Alfabeto

Song: Alfabeto

Let’s carry on with an alphabet song. Now, the alphabet songs I would listen to when I was first learning Spanish went too fast for me. And songs performed by cartoon caracters or puppets were often incomprehensible. Thus, I wrote this to provide plenty of repetition, repeating after every four letters.

You might notice something different with the Spanish alphabet. There are more letters. According to the royal Spanish Academe the Real Academia Española, RAE  there are 27 letters, the letters we use in the English alphabet along with  ñ. I have also included the letter sounds ch and ll. These are often considered part of the Spanish alphabet and are letters that children will also learn when learning the alphabet. I did not include the rr. This is simply a rolled r. You will notice the rr as we work through the lessons.


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Alfabeto                        4:44                       


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