1. Cognates 1



Cognates 1 – 20

You’ve got to love cognates. A cognate is a word that is very similar in both English and Spanish. Cognates are particularly useful for those beginning to learn Spanish. The great thing about cognates is that as you become familiar with them you will find your Spanish vocabulary will increase rapidly. In this activity I will introduce you to twenty cognates.


Step 1.Read through the following list of cognates. Notice the similar spelling between the Spanish and the English.

bicycle bicicleta
gas gas
gasoline gasolina
terrible terrible
student estudiante
satisfaction satisfacción
dictionary diccionario
balcony balcon
false falso
hospital hospital
family familia
elegant elegante
error error
fabulous fabuloso
bank banco
vacation vacación
Pacific pacifico
pharmacy farmacia
artist artista
chimpanzee chimpancé


Step 2. Listen to the accompanying audio so that you can hear the way the new words sound. (Each new word is repeated four times to help you hear the way the word is pronounced).

[S3AUDIO file=’M111/Cognates20Repeat4(ES).mp3′]


Step 3. Download the audio to your library so that you can listen to the audio at your own convenience.

[S3FILE file=’M111/Cognates20Repeat4(ES).mp3.zip’ anchor=’Download Cognates 1 – 20′]